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Weithals-Standflaschen in Klarglas 

Bottle reagent, wide neck

Product no.: 53-0050
Packing unit 1 Stück/Unit
Price 4.50 €
incl. 19.00% VAT plus Shipping costs


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Bottle reagent, wide neck

These bottles composed of glass with glass stoppers. Each size from 50ml up to 10000ml is available in clear or brown glass (the color of the glass stoppers are in accordance with the chosen color of the bottle). In public these decorative bottles are known as pharmacist bottles. The table shows, amongst other things the different cuttings of the bottles neck, these cuttings correspond to the Ground glass joints Norm (NS) as you know from the laboratory.


item-No. Brown glass item-No. clear glass Volume biggest outside-Ø d(mm)

height without stuff h(mm)

Ground glass joints  (NS) mouth-Ø mind. ca. Sketch
Apothekerflaschen aus Braunglas mit Weithals und Schliffstopfen einzeln im Shop bestellen Apothekerflaschen mit Weithals aus Klarglas mit Schliffstopfen einzeln im Shop bestellen           Apothekerflaschen mit Weithals aus Klarglas oder Braunglas mit Schliffstopfen einzeln im Shop bestellen
53-0051 53-0050 50 ml 44 mm 79 mm 24/20 20 mm
53-0101 53-0100 100 ml 52 mm 97 mm 29/22 26 mm
53-0251 53-0250 250 ml 70 mm 132 mm 34/24 31 mm
53-0501 53-0500 500 ml 86 mm 163 mm 45/27 41 mm
53-1001 53-1000 1000 ml 107 mm 201 mm 60/31 54 mm
53-2001 53-2000 2000 ml 133 mm 247 mm 60/31 54 mm
53-5002 53-5000 5000 ml 182 mm 358 mm 85/55 76 mm
53-5003 53-5001 10.000ml 227 mm 403 mm 85/55 76 mm


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